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Can Bernie Still Lead His Own Revolution?

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By Fouad Makdessi

On February 19th, an article appeared in the New York times regarding Senator Bernie Sanders. He has made it clear that he will embark on his second presidential race for this upcoming election. The last time Senator Sanders ran for president was against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont, who represented the independent party in 2016. Sanders described himself as being a socialist, in which Republicans find to be an easy target to run against.

In 2016, Senator Sanders came in close to winning the Democratic spot against Hillary Clinton, filling up the stands with supporters. When the results appeared, Hillary ended up winning with the higher percentage in each state.

With 2020 right around the corner, Senator Sanders has decided to run for president in hopes of gaining national support. ‘’Now it’s time to complete the revolution and to take vision and implement it into reality.’’ (Bernie 2019).

Serving as a U.S. representative, he is the only candidate in his field to run for president, spend time on national debate stage, start operations in primary states, as well as dealing with national security. 

In order for the campaign to continue, it must have support and donations for the candidate. Four hours after Bernie made his announcement for running, 1.2 million of dollars were earned in donations.

This upcoming race for Democrats should be interesting, with new faces appearing, as well as old. Representative Tulsi Gabbard and author Marianne Williamson are running for president as well. These fellow candidates endorsed Bernie back in 2016, making it difficult to gain support for this upcoming race.

One thing that can make a difference between candidates is the support of the base. Bernie in 2016 drew crowds up to thousands, filling up the stands state by state. With an overwhelming amount of support, his campaign is continuing to grow. 

Will this race be different for Senator Bernie? Competition has increased, and new faces in the democratic race as appeared. One thing Bernie does not have to worry about is Hillary who defeated Sanders in the Democratic race.

Mr. Sanders has made a of list policy issues, things that include universal health care, tuition-free public college, women’s reproductive rights, lower prescription drug prices, criminal justice reform.

Bernie will be 79 when entering the race, making him one of the oldest candidates to run in the United States.  Candidates and voters seem to question his age while he does not make it apparent. As long as he is still healthy and coherent, age should not be a primary factor.

Header photo from politico.

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