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DT Comp I Students Collaborate with the St. Petersburg Police Department

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By Natalie Giovinco and Keandre Watts

It’s ALARMING news that in the city of St. Petersburg cars are being broken into on a mass scale. Spread the word so we can help minimize the number of stolen vehicles and personal belongings in our community. As college students, we typically leave various items in our vehicles. It’s time to change our sloppy routines as fob slobs and keep it in our pockets. Lock it or lose it!             

St. Petersburg College Downtown Center Comp 1 students collaborated with the St. Petersburg Police Department on a public service announcement. This announcement implemented the importance of not keeping valuables in vehicles. Comp. 1 students brainstormed on strategies, targeting both younger and mature audiences.  As a class, we are targeted both younger and mature audiences persuading them to specifically not leave personal belongings such as keys, car fobs, and other valuables in their vehicle. Students used the social media platform to persuade the targeted age groups. In class, the students discussed the sensitivities of cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and sexual identity aspects while working on this project. The social media platforms we used were Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Along with the social media platform, we made a jingle and a billboard to spread the message further into the community. Comp 1 students focused on two separate campaigns as a way of spreading awareness.  The two campaigns we are focusing on are locking vehicles and not leaving personal belongings in vehicles.

This was the inaugural introduction of the announcement and an active campaign among St. Petersburg College and the St. Petersburg Police Department. As part of conducting this project, we had the opportunity to actually tour the brand new St. Petersburg Police Department. While on the tour, we received a surprise visit from Chief Anthony Holloway. Hearing Mr. Holloway speak and having the chance to interview him was great. The whole tour was a very cool experience in itself and a great resource to receive additional information to help amp up our project.

Next semester Comp 1 students will conduct another social media announcement with the police department during the holidays. Based on the success of the project, this could be a continuous partnership between St. Petersburg College and the St. Petersburg Police Department. As the holidays come closer, it is essential the city of St. Petersburg is safe and secure. St. Petersburg College students want to help. Public announcements, campaigns, and projects like these can help maintain a safe community.

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