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Find Your Right Path to Success

SPC Programs & Events

By Sarah Bounaim

On Thursday, February 26, SPC’s Seminole campus held the ‘Major Explorations Fair,’ a fair exploring the many college majors and the careers they lead to. The event was held from 2pm to 7pm in the UP lobby and digitorium. It catered to high school and college students who are not sure what program or major they want to pursue.

The “Major Explorations Fair” had SPC alumni and community leaders share how their college majors helped shape their careers. Furthermore, the event had current SPC students discuss the benefits of the majors they chose. The fair also informed students about expected salaries and job opportunities that are associated with different majors.

The fair had 17 tables in the UP lobby with representatives from a number of majors such as: Vet Tech, Education, Paralegal, Public Policy, and Public Safety, just to name a few.

“After talking to the Vet Tech representatives I feel more confident about their veterinary program and I am definitely going to look further into it,” said third year SPC student Vincenzio Baker.

The agenda had a total of 23 presenters each allotted 10 minutes to share their achievements and to inspire students to find a major that is right for them. Each of the talks were video recorded to be posted on social media to hopefully reach a total of 900 students by the end of next week, according to Susan Deemers, who is Dean of Paralegal Studies and Public Policy.

“Transfer students who know where they are going and what they are going to do are the most successful. My wish is for students to walk out of here with questions they can research to find the skills they need to excel in a particular major,” said Deemers.

Professors hope this will be the first of an annual event. History professor Dr. Angie Zombek was excited to present and said, “I want people to pick up on my enthusiasm and to choose something they love because there is not a day I do not look forward coming into work.”

The “Majors Exploration Fair” had a strong turnout of students, who were able to roam the lobby and ask questions about programs they are interested in pursuing.

“I like that we have a good variety of programs at our school and that they are willing to share valuable information I would not have known before today,” said second year SPC student Evan Shapiro.

The main goal was for students to find their passion that will fit a major in their educational path. For those that were unable to attend the next “Major Explorations Fair” will be held at the Clearwater campus on March 18th.

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