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Traveling to Clearwater Beach Made Easier

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By Nicole Steuernagle


Are you one of the thousands of people who spend over an hour to get to one of the nation’s top beaches? Clearwater Beach, located in Clearwater, FL, has finally come up with a solution to try and eliminate some of their horrendous traffic issues. The Clearwater Ferry was finally introduced to the public in April 2015. The best part… it’s for everyone!

The Clearwater Ferry is a ferryboat that takes passengers from the downtown Clearwater area to Clearwater Beach for a very low price. The ferry is for the general public, and what’s even better is that most of the parking is FREE! There are seven lots where you have options to park your car and hop on the ferry. Five out of these seven lots are ALWAYS free. The remaining two lots are free only on the weekends. Unfortunately, if you park at one of these other two lots Monday through Friday it is a $5.00 fee for the entire day (which still beats those beach-parking prices).

There is a “sink or swim” effect that goes around on this beach, meaning you either have a great time or you have a horrible day full of frustration and sweat. The Clearwater Ferry was designed to alleviate the aggravation and stress that the beach traffic causes. Waiting over an hour in traffic on the bridge is bad enough, but then the struggle of finding a place to park (for a cheap price) makes things that much worse. So why not relax on a nice boat ride? You might even spot some dolphins on the way!

The ferry admission offers unlimited rides all day long to and from the beach. Adults are only $8.00/day; children ages 4-12 are just $4.00, and kids 3 and under are free! Seniors (60+) are $6.00.

This system of transportation is not only convenient for the public, but for employees, too. Employers no longer have to deal with late or upset employees coming into work, and the employees no longer have to stress about being late to work or leaving home hours before they even have to clock-in. When the employees are happy, so are the customers, and when the customers are happy, so are the employers!

If you are a beach employee, there are three convenient price options for you. The first option is buying a one-way ticket, which is only $3.00. The second option is to buy a monthly pass, which is only $35.00/month. The last option is a yearly pass which is $60.00, but that has some limitations. You are only eligible for the yearly pass if your employer is one of the few that are partners with the Clearwater Ferry Company. Employee passes are strictly for employees and proof of employment is required before purchasing any of these options.

Whether you go to Clearwater beach for fun or for work, the Clearwater Ferry is a great idea for everyone. It is a smarter and more efficient way to enjoy this beautiful Florida beach. For more information on schedules and parking locations you can visit their website at The next time you decide to go to Clearwater Beach, think about this…do you want to sink or swim?

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