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Mass Shootings: The Deadliest Chaos

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By Wesley Hutchison

            The deadliest chaos that America is in danger of

(Clearwater, Florida) “Do you believe in God?” the man asked while holding a gun in his hands. “Yes” she replies…suddenly, “BANG!” Shots fired on the school property. There’s one down” as heard over the intercom. Columbine High School is known to be one of the deadliest mass shootings in history. Two seniors took matters into their own hands and killed 15 people including themselves and injuring 24 others.

Mass shootings are a problem in today’s society and continue to put others in danger. People who have been involved in mass shootings do not know the incident that caused an individual (s) to commit a horrible crime. For some, profiles have been especially on James Holmes, the movie theatre shooter. Holmes, a graduate student, had schizotypal personality disorder; this means he was anti-social when around people.

One of the things that lead to a mass shooting is a mental illness. For example, someone who has been battling a sickness or some type of disability would purchase a gun, get it registered, and keep it for protection. Syndromes like Young Male Syndrome, mood disorders, and other types of mental illnesses can also play a role in why a person would commit a mass shooting.

However, when worse comes to worst, that individual will go to a location and start shooting at people. Other ways people start shootings are from technology, social media, bullies, and other types of gadgets.

The perpetrators at Columbine High School did not have any illnesses, but they were into violent video games, guns, and other mischief. Also, they wanted revenge for being mistreated during their early years at the school.

Both of the boys had to make plans and have blueprints ahead of time. Because of this they were able to execute a mass shooting.

Another example, almost six years ago a man went into a movie theater dressed as Bane with full swat gear on. He shot and killed ten people while injuring several more.

James Holmes had a mental illness when he was on trial for the shootings that took place.

Some of the mass shootings can happen anywhere, but some can happen at different places. Those places include schools, special events, and gatherings within the community.

Places like these are where there are many people so it can make it easier for a perpetrator can pick his prey.

For example, schools are well-known places for a mass shootings. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, gun free zones have been a target for 98% of mass shootings occurring.

Also, 11% of mass shootings occurred in places that have half a million people while others take place in towns with fewer than 2,500 people.

People fear for their lives because they do not know where a shooting will take place and of they will be one of the victims.

Most of the mass shootings in the United States are caused by males. The reason is because boys have a longer time to mature than girls. Also, their brains are not fully developed until their mid-20s to early 30s. The forebrain is where most of your functions are that include: impulse control, awareness of consequences, and reflection.

Violent video games and contact sports also play a role in the life of a young male who commits a mass shooting.

The shooting that took place in Orlando two years ago was planned and that person chose to do it at nighttime. Night time is the perfect time for killers to make their moves in certain areas.

Other mass shootings happen during the day; for example, take the shooting that took place at Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl.

A male came on school grounds and shot several students and killed a football coach/ security guard.

Mass shootings can happen anywhere and on any day, but some do not know how it can affect the community.

Mass shootings have a greater impact than drug addiction in the community and the people around. CBS did an interview with Dr. Laura Miller and she says that mass shootings affect lives in palpable and perceptible ways.

In, communities that are affected by a mass shooting, most people do not see it as a safe place to live. In fact, it is a reminder for citizens to take watch who they around with and to look out for one another.

Shootings are a tragedy to society and can affect people greatly. Some experience post-traumatic stress disorder. When the shooting at Virginia Tech took place eleven years ago, about 10-15 percent of the students and people in the community experienced that type of disorder.

The community is defined as being a target or victim in every scenario.

 Some people have also experienced different emotions from a mass shooting. The emotions people face our strong and can remind citizens of the attack that took place.

Emotions are a symbol of what happened during the time of the terror. Most people will feel numbness, be sick to their stomachs, and lose interest in extracurricular activities.

People who live in a nice, peaceful, and quiet community will feel internal pain and mourn for those who lost their lives during gun fire. Some come to comfort in a time of need to keep a positive mind.

When a shooting is done, people will go out and aid others so that they can get back on their feet with their daily lives. Some will still have after effects that will love stick to them.

 Mass shootings have long effects for someone who loses a loved one, best friend, or family member. Because of mass shootings, society has changed greatly because more mass shootings take place almost every year.

Society cannot catch a break when a shooting takes place; in fact, because they have become common gun sales have started to increase. For example, Dicks’ Sporting Goods could have a person buying a weapon at 18-years-old, now because shootings have increased drastically they raised the age to 21.

Taking precautions is vital when a mass shooting takes place. According to the New York Times, some ideas are taking the stairs, or jumping out of the window. Making an escape helps you not become a target to the shooter.

Another way is to hide in an area where the gunman will not see you. For example, when the Sandy Hook shooting took place six years ago, students hid under desks and in closets to prevent being in plain sight. With hiding comes barricading the door, in order to stay safe. Teachers and individuals should barricade the door so the shooter cannot enter the room.

Besides of being safe during a mass shooting, adding rules and practicing them is important as well. For example, after the Parkland shooting, there has been a push for more shooting drills. Thousands of students from different schools pressured Congress to pass more gun laws. However, the Republican Congress shows little interest for these provisions to take place.

The House of Representatives has scheduled to vote a bill called STOP School Violence Act that will help schools train kids to protect themselves. Since the shooting, lawmakers in New York considered a bill that would beef up emergency drills. Having a bill or a drill would be beneficial to students across the United States.

Standing up to a shooter is scary, but when you get everyone together, they can stop the perpetrator. Shooters are dangerous, but what he/she does not realize is that it is only a group of them versus the community. If a community unites and stands as one, then they can get on the shooter(s) and attack will full force. A shooter cannot take on a whole community and win. That is like you taking on the world; you cannot win that war.

According to CNN, one of the ways to prevent a shooting is to listen to students and teachers who are aware of threats. In California, about 20 to 30 percent of students have seen a weapon on their school grounds. Another way to is to pay attention when someone is in possession with a firearm. Murders, killings, and shootings are methods many people see as warning signs of danger.

Finally, extra security could be a benefactor as to who comes in a school, event, or community. For example, after the movie shooting in Colorado, theatres in New York had metal detectors for anyone who was bringing in a backpack. At sporting events there always metal detectors because security wants to make sure that you are not a threat. Extra security is not a problem and should be enforced so that shootings and other chaos does not happen again.

Congress should take a look at these ideas to make this world a better place.

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