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Don’t be Tardy for Class

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By Ryann Daddio

If you are like the average college student, one thing you struggle with is being on time. Whether it be for class, work, or other obligations, it is always a stress to get there on time. On the other hand, one thing you do not want to be late for is signing up for classes for next semester.

“It is difficult to find the information I need to sign up for classes before it’s too late and all the good ones are taken,” states Emily Baumgartner, SPC freshman. Most students do not know where to go to access the information needed to plan classes beforehand and all the preferred courses go quickly, especially with summer terms’ limited selection. According to Saint Petersburg College staff, classes for summer term were available to students to begin looking and planning schedules March 9. The option to register for those classes became available to students on March 23.

Though classes have only been up and available for registration for a few weeks, there is a good chance that the majority of classes are beginning to fill up. “Last summer I got stuck with all night classes,” said Kevin Nguyen, SPC Junior. Students are free to register for classes at their own leisure with or without the help of a guidance counselor. These days, students can access most things from their phones, including the SPC My Courses website as well as the SPC class registration. If any student has issues when registering for classes or is unsure what they need to take in order to steer them in the right direction, guidance counselors are available on weekdays until about four or five p.m.

Signing up for classes on time prevents delaying a student’s education as well as his or her degrees and careers. It is no surprise that students sometimes end up needing to take whole semesters off of school because the classes they have left to complete for their degree have already filled up, leaving no other option but to wait until they come around next semester. Granted, it is much easier to find another Humanities class to jump into rather than a specialized class such as engineering or computer graphics.

Don’t be the last student to sign up for class; don’t push the deadlines, and don’t miss out on what could be your future. Take things into your own hands, find access to any information needed from guidance counselors or advisors, and remove the stress of signing up for classes off of your shoulders.

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