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Zarudon: Metamorphosis

Out of the Sandbox

By Diego Olguin

Prologue to his book in progress.

Prologue: Genesis

There is nothing.

There is no end nor beginning, since

There is no thing that has started or entity that has been born, made, or created.

There is no thought or knowledge, as

There is no spark, no incentive, nothing to grasp or learn from.

There is no time, as there have been no events to measure or make sense of…

There is no space, as there are no things for there to be any space.

There is no black or white, as there is nothing that contrasts.

There is no color, as

There is no light nor darkness, because

There is no energy nor emptiness, as

There is nothing to fill, as

There is no stillness, because there is nothing to be still.

There is no sense, logic, or meaning. As if there would be… there would be something,      but,




Out of nothingness appear two opposing forces.

There is now time, as there is something to measure it by.

There is now space, as there are two things for there to be space.

There is now feeling. The forces… They can sense their existence and each other. However, they feel that they are not the same; they are different, and so, there is now contrast and knowledge. Without thought, sense, logic or meaning, there is an impulse. The forces rapidly attract one another and collide. The impact is omnipotent. They feel the intense power and opposite force of the other. Both continue to clash against one another, over and over, each time more rapidly than the last.

Rapidly colliding at incomprehensible speed in one final and powerful clash, the forces push against each other until the pressure is of such immense magnitude they brush against the other and ignite. They react by becoming something alive, mighty, and more powerful: pure raw tangible energy. It is as if the two had awoken from a deep slumber, caused by a shock only the opposite could have sparked. The friction sends pulsating waves throughout nothingness, and so there is darkness, light, and color. Radiating with endless power from a deep core inside, at the moment of impact there is not only an external spark, but an internal one. Within the now differing energies, thought derives. Only one can survive… the other must cease to exist; the energies must destroy one another. There is now purpose, and so… The energies clash once more…

Explosion after explosion… All is destruction; a battleground. Strike after strike, energy from the sources dissipates throughout nothingness. Away from the sources, away from their origin, the separate energies circle around their opposite and attract, but instead of fighting, instead of seeking to destroy the contrary… The smaller pieces of energy… bond. While the main sources of power continue their ongoing battle, what is cut away by the other flies off and combines with its adversary to create something new. With the continuous bombardment and fury of the sources, however, the bonds are destroyed and split back, each time a bit more different from before. The isolated energies continue to bond even after being broken. Together, after much decimation and re-bonding, things are made, some more complex than others. These things combine to create even more intricate objects. Out of nothingness came conflict. Out of conflict came bonding… From bonding came creation…

Millennia after millennia… All is wonder. There are now many things: dust, stars, planets, and galaxies. For the energies though, only one thing matters: the destruction of the other. Looking elsewhere is pointless, doing anything else is meaningless. As the never ending battle continues, no one is winning or losing, and so, an urge for improvement is invoked. Conflict after conflict, the energies stimulate change upon themselves to better destroy the other. The energies take different forms and pay no notice of what goes on around them. Blasts and shockwaves, hacks and slashes pulsate throughout everything that has been unintentionally created. Filled with agony and desperation, they grow weary of the stagnation. This is it… it is time to end it. Both living and conscious energies part from the other and prepare to unleash their full power and wrath upon the opposite. It is time to end. It is time to end everything and begin anew…

All is but a cycle… Both energies feel the other, they know they are in front at opposing ends. Inside of them, the feeling is sickening and deterring. It is as if they have a disease that twists and turns, scrambling them to the point of madness. To stop the illness, they must simply get rid of the other. Full of boundless power… they prepare. All is still and time itself seems to stop. Until… a feeling of relief and comfort, a soothing and calming presence even more powerful than them is felt. It is familiar, but at the same time different to the point of confusion. They are unaware of the source of such a presence, of a third power. Looking throughout the cosmos, the stars and the planets, the light and the darkness. Both are in awe and begin to wonder about everything around them. For the first time they had lost their focus. For the first time they had taken notice… Suddenly, whispers… pull them away and back in once more…

The sound of a million different noises and murmurs fills them, and at last it is found. The whispers carve the way to the third power. In between them lies something unknown; in between them lies what needs to be known. The opposing ends slowly approach that which cannot be explained. Closer and closer, there is no thought once more. It is here. This is where the comfort and answers lie. Nearer and nearer…both slowly enter the unknown. A world never before seen to them will be known. The presence of the third power becomes stronger and stronger, the closer they approach. Soon, their realities and surroundings slowly transition; the disease slowly fades bit by bit. As both enter, their experiences and the unknown world change. All three are then forever marked in the inevitable road of destiny…


Abencal trembles with waves of energy never before felt, radiating all over. Two massive simultaneous objects crash aside the Great River, scarring the land, destroying all that was once there, leaving a wasteland. From below, dark and light auras, fill the sky and can be seen as far as the eye can see. Colossal explosions fill the ears of all and the curious, go on towards…

“What could have done all this?” Kal asked his older brother Zet, as he looked at the barren wasteland.

Zet remained quiet, walking faster. Kal began picking up speed.


“I don’t know Kal… but, whatever it was, it’s still there…” Zet kept looking south.

Everything seemed to be going as usual. Kal and Zet were going hunting like they always did, until the massive explosion occurred. At the moment of impact, the entire world shook, and it was as if something they could not see but feel suddenly filled it. For the safety of the clan, Zet felt obligated to see what had caused such destruction, and so there they went. Kal didn’t feel very sure about going. Whatever had done all of this, was not safe to be around with. Both saw the light and shadow going up towards the sky, and as they got closer, there was a mixture of cold and warmth coming from the South, as if the weather was constantly alternating. Zet kept focusing on getting to the crash site as fast as he could, while Kal looked around and saw other groups of people going to the site as well. They heard deep and high hums and static like sounds. They were unfamiliar, unlike anything the two had ever heard.



Another explosion occurred and the ground quaked. Carving right through the Great River was a sudden dark shadow; followed by a smaller flash of light that passed the brothers. The sound of crushing earth filled their eardrums. It was with such intensity they stumbled. This was followed by another even bigger detonation. Debris and winds knocked them down this time. Trees were rooted out and crushed and bits traveled afar. The brothers were now scarred, and confused.

“What?! What is that!?” exclaimed Kal with ringing ears.

Zet instinctively got up and as fast as he could, ran towards the source of the blast. Kal immediately followed.

“Zet! Wait!” Kal struggled getting up. Rushing as fast as they could, both felt a wave of great cold, a chill that touched every bit of their bodies. Zet ahead of Kal came to a complete stop. Wind constantly rampaged, storming great amounts of what seemed to be smoke of the deepest black ever seen coming in front of Zet. Kal caught up.

“Wha -at’s wrong?” He then looked ahead…


The explosion destroyed a large piece of the continent, leaving a continuous chasm on the Great River, and a new formed bay where the blast had detonated. There were no trees or hills; they had all been erased from the large area…

“Daaaaaaaaiiiii…” the sound coming from the darkness was low and static.

“Dai?” spoke Zet.

It was a dark ball with black lightning inside and out. It had an aura, like shadowy smoke. When looked upon, it was as if all light and even reality itself were being taken into a vortex. It had tentacles made of pure raw energy that seemed to have minds of their own; radiating from it was a deep, intense coldness that could be felt throughout the zone. Zet began to walk towards it, ignoring the freezing radiance, as if hypnotized. The darkness then flew above towards the sky. An instantaneous flash suddenly appeared. This time, pure light passed them both and crashed against the darkness, sending a conflicting wave of energy, bringing both brothers to the ground. They felt a tremendous force as the different energies clashed. The light was warm, like a flame, which felt alive like a heartbeat. It was pure white, and illuminated everything around it. The Great River and ocean slowly began to fill the fractured earth and new bay. As both unknown objects pushed and made static, Zet and Kal simply watched in awe the tremendous, dreamlike battle between light and dark. It was completely above them and both felt small compared to such forces. Soon more people arrived to see what was happening. The objects repelled and continued to float above the sky…

“Monsters! They must be destroyed!” screamed a large, older man among the crowd. He seemed strong and stern, perhaps the leader of a clan. He wore furs of many large animals and had long hair which was beginning to gray. The large man then tightly grasped his spear and prepared to launch it towards the dark-radiating object.

“No! These beings, they have come from the heavens!” Zet stepped out in front of the crowd.

“They have brought nothing but destruction!” retorted the large man with his deep demanding voice. The people among the crowd began to speak to one another. Kal watched, unsure of what to do. As everyone argued, the dark and light creatures descended from above, amongst the crowd, sending cold and warm feelings through all who were present. Lots of people stepped back, feeling the conflicting forces. Some ran away with fear, while others stared in astonishment. Zet and the large man where now in the middle. There was silence. Only the humming and static were heard. As the large man saw the large dark object, his heart beat rapidly and he was filled with a deep coldness that penetrated his very soul; an unknown connection, as if the darkness itself, was inside him. Startled and afraid, he began to shake. With sweaty hands he prepared to attack.

“Nooo!!!” Zet blocked the large man’s spear with his own, both spears pushing against each other.

“Zet!” yelled Kal.

“Th-is… This creature! it is evil!” spoke the large man. “I… I can feel its presence deep inside me! It-it… must be… Destroyed!”

“NO! I won’t let you!” retorted Zet. The large man pushed Zet back with a powerful push and drove him back with lunges. The creatures stopped and watched the humans fight one another. Zet recovered and swayed, dodging spear thrusts, then slashed his bigger opponent across the left arm.

“AAHHH!!!” screeched the large man, blood dripping from his arm. Angrily, he charged more savagely than before, and the spears clashed once more. The larger man overpowered Zet however, and with another powerful push, knocked Zet’s spear out of his hands. Left wide open, Zet was hit across the face with the bottom side of his foe’s spear.

“STOP!” Shrieked Kal, but the large man impaled Zet with his spear, and the lifeless body fell to the ground.

“ZET!” Kal ran towards his fallen brother.

The beings saw Zet’s body motionless on the ground. With an examination of the immobile human body, both energy creatures took a shape like him, and formed themselves a head, torso and legs. Seeing the dark entity take human shape, the large man panicked and instinctively threw his spear with as much strength as he possibly could aimed towards the being made of darkness. This time no one stopped him. Before the spear reached the now dark humanoid, out of nowhere, a bolt of energy came from it and completely obliterated the man’s weapon.

“Daaaaaaiiii!” A loud and tremendously deep sound came from the darkness. It went on to attack the large man with its new arm, which it elongated to reach him. The man, paralyzed with fear, does not move. As the static and deep sound are heard, the light creature blocks the attack from the dark one.

“Laaaaaaiiii….” highly and lightly hums the light entity.

Back to his senses, the large man screams “The dark one! It is evil! He only wants to destroy! The light wishes to protect us!” feeling the light creature’s warmth.

“No! You attacked the dark one! And you killed my brother! He was only trying to protect itself and bring justice to my brother!” Kal rose full of tears. “It was the light one that attacked the dark one first!”

Suddenly, arguing broke upon the crowd. People screamed against each other.

“Destroy the dark one!”

“The light one attacked the dark one!”

“The light one is the evil one!”

The large man then charged towards Kal. Kal gripped his spear tightly and countered. Pushing against each other Kal felt as if a warm energy was now within the large man. Kal was then pushed aside to the ground, and he felt himself surrounded by winter itself. The dark entity stood behind him. He saw the large man be surrounded by the light of the bright entity. It was then that Kal was swallowed by the darkness. Engulfed within it, he felt his very soul shatter among darkness and his heart freeze to ice. With a coldness inside, he felt no source of warmth. Overtaken by cold, he felt his veins, muscles, and bones fill with icicles, which kept growing and growing, Kal began to feel himself begin to burst.

“AAAHHH!!!” In agony Kal began to feel his mind begin to shatter. Eyes closed in suffering, and feeling as if his body would be burst by the darkness that devoured his body, soul, and mind, he opened his eyes and through sheer force, will, and something unknown inside, he broke away from the darkness…

Kal’s sight filled with shadow, as if everything he saw were not real, but black transparent phantoms. Anxious, and confused, he grasped his head. It felt as if a force was within it, which fought to prevent him from touching it. Turning frontwards he saw two bright objects, one brighter than the other. He then comprehended it was the large man who was struggling as well. The brightest one was the light entity. As he looked upon them, it burned his eyes. They were an overwhelming light, and he feared going blind. He suddenly felt an expansion of his senses; sounds from mountains away echoed in his ears. He felt a coldness in everything he saw, as if it were all a part of him. The bodies of the people that had once surrounded the area lay dead on the ground. A grip overtook his head.


The light and dark entities blasted each other. Everything went blank…


Kal’s mind went numb, as he entered a trance. The pain of constant strikes shook him. After the pain, immediately came comfort. Over and over again. Feeling constant madness, he wanted to sink his nails within his skin and scrape it savagely with as much force and passion as he possibly could, as if he were furious and loony. Kal fell to his knees and saw himself be among the stars, and the brightest of lights striking him. The clashes with the light continued, until… At last he felt comfort and relief. He found not light nor darkness, but something else. It was here where comfort lay… He approached it and felt himself transcend.

Kal awoke from the ground unsure of how much time had passed. A sensation over took his body, he felt the flow of thick, ice cold water within his bloodstream. The coldness within him felt normal now, as if the warmth that was missing did not need to be there. He noticed the tall man and light entity were gone. The land was clear and the dead bodies were absent. He stood upon chilling water from the north, which felt like nothing.

“You have awoken…” He turned and saw the darkness.

“There is much to do Kal… You must avenge your brother and we must destroy Lai…”

Kal felt a surge of pleasure within him. Those very words brought a deep hatred and twisted euphoria. He smiled.



Header photo by Sweetie187 (flickr creative commons)

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