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Book Review: Cash Your Investment

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By Margaret Ferrell

For anyone that has ever been inside a high-caliber firm and thought–“what do I need to do to get a job here?” – S.A. Eberwein has an answer. In his book Cash Your Investment- how to leverage your college degree into a great first job, the author power coach’s baccalaureate students through senior-year-steps of securing an enviable position, right out of college. Better yet, his advice for getting the most out of your college degree can be applied at any time, so it is never too late to turn a jobless path into a career success story. In today’s economy, such advice has never been more important to college students, with many graduating deeply in debt and no real understanding of how to leverage their education into a lucrative career.  Even those students utilizing their campus career services may be striking out, or not reaching their niche field.

Cash Your Investment is far from a boring read, though; it is a lot like having a tough, blunt, down-to-earth football coach giving a game winning lecture, in roughly 160 pages. “You did not enroll in college solely to score dazzling marks in the classroom.  You also did not enlist to simply enrich the gray matter within your cranium… You did not grind through four intensive years of academic exertion because you lacked viable career options after high school, nor because you simply aspired to kill time until your winning lottery ticket provided a fantastic financial windfall (at least I hope not).”

In chapter one, Eberwein emphasizes the importance of self-esteem, by using a self-sabotaging train wreck everyone can relate too; a perfectly charming and eligible friend’s inability to approach the opposite sex in a bar. By the time the reader turns that first page, they are hooked on the sheer unexpectedness of a well-spoken, financially successful, socially savvy career coach who paints audacious parables from real life experiences. Eberwein further explains in chapter one why it is paramount for the youth of today to have the right mind frame for recognizing, creating, and capitalizing on opportunities. It is an eye opener.

Seeking mentors is fundamental to success, as their candid perspectives can help the newly graduated navigate the waters of their field. However, the quality of the mentor and the relationship status itself is key; the mentor has to be invested in your success. “My own coach dished out nothing but frank judgement from the get-go. Sparing no contents of my bag of tricks from his scrutiny, he laid on raw, unabashed feedback that encompassed every aspect of my campaign. Although he piled on the praise and harped on my many positives when warranted, he also shed the kid gloves and challenged me when necessary. He chopped up my first go at a resume. He picked apart my in-person presentation after witnessing my initial interviewing skills the first time.”

Once the resume and interview skills are polished, Eberwein’s game strategy focuses on navigating the exclusive or even shut-out careers and maneuvering into the right circles to get that interview. For those job seekers that do not have uber extrovert skills–and even those that do–Eberwein’s detailed advice on persuasion and networking is crucial. He talks frankly about using social networking in today’s globalized world by building an online presence, and he labels often forgotten key players for getting the most and best exposure. One example is college Alumni; they are a great tool for networking as they can be inroads into a field you desire, and might identify with you as a former student.

Cash Your Investment- how to leverage your college degree into a great first job, is a finely focused, specialized hand tool that leads the college graduate through a metamorphoses; becoming a notable qualifier for job candidacy in a sea of thousands. Then it ruthlessly outlines how to outplay the competition and become the candidate chosen for the position. S.A. Eberwein’s book is not only a wake-up call to today’s job market, it also instills college graduate survival skills not found just anywhere.

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