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Poetry: Grey

Out of the Sandbox

By Evan Malki


Far beyond your gaze

Lies a creature

Masked by a haze

Of nondescript features


It reaches out with a plea

Left unanswered

Its sadness deeper than the sea

Corrupting it like a cancer


This is life’s bane

Far beyond the sight of ye

The pain

Which thee cannot see


The crow

Is the cause

The source of its woe

Raked by its dark claws


Someday, the crow will leave

Unconcerned, it flies away

Leaving the creature to grieve

And to die where it lay


In that moment

Its humanity severed

It lay broken

Touched by the crow’s feather


The creature changed

Different than before

Turned deranged

Now evil at its core


The creature turned

And became its transgressor

One of the spurned

And a bird of the same feather


Now akin

To those it once hated

A shell of what it once had been

It’s true self desecrated


But you can still be rescued

It isn’t too late

You can still find refuge

If you discard your hate



Push with all of your might.


Tear yourself from the spite.


That is the key

To ending the darkness in your heart

Set yourself free

And let your malice depart


Fight with your courage

That could rip land asunder

It is a new age

Now resound with a cry like thunder


What once was filled with woe

Is now replaced with love

What was once a crow

Is now a dove.


Header photo by Ashley Diener (flickr creative commons)

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