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Tarpon Campus Early College Club Makes Plans for the Year

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By Karma Kramer and Hayden Waters

On Thursday, August 23rd, students gathered to attend the first Early College Club meeting of the school year. The meeting was held by the club’s president, Grace Hogan, and vice president, Caitlin Katz. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the incoming members to the club, and to each other.

To get everyone socializing, Hogan and Katz led the group through some “ice-breaker” games. Every new member introduced themselves to the room and were put through multiple challenges. Between trying to catch Oreo’s in their mouths and playing tennis with binders with balled up paper, the group had a great time getting to know each other and getting used to the club.

Hogan also prepared a PowerPoint presentation, which laid out the goals the club would like to achieve this year; the main objective was to get more people involved. Promoting involvement has always been a priority of the club, but promotion became especially significant as a few of last year’s events were cancelled due to lack of attendance. This year, the club hopes to build the member roster and get as many people as possible actively contributing.

As with every year, there will be officer positions available to both junior and senior members of the club. These positions include Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Hospitality Head, Publicity Head, and Photographer. Hailee Gay, a joining member, hopes to become an officer in order to “become more involved and have more experiences” within the group. The title and responsibilities that come with an officer position can also be added to a personal resume, which can improve college applications. Bottom of Form

The club also provides many volunteer-work opportunities. Each year, the club organizes the “Giving Tree”, an event that allows students to give toys and other presents to children whose circumstances prevent them from receiving many gifts.  Through this and other organized events, students can support their community. Not to mention the volunteer hours received through the club can go toward Bright Futures Scholarship requirements, which allows Floridian students who meet the criteria receive a free, 4-year term at all in-state universities.

Being a member of the club is “a great way to meet other Early College Program, Early Admissions, and Duel Enrollment students,” says Ms. Hall, the club sponsor and guidance counselor. The club meets every other Thursday in Ms. Hall’s room, TS – PS 129, and you must be in the Early College Program, Early Admissions, or be a Duel Enrollment student to join.

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