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The School, The Place, and The People

Lifestyle & Opinion

By Sofia Garcia

Edited by Peyton Macrina

Being an international student that is far away from home, is not easy. Imagine leaving everything you’ve always known; your family, your friends, and safe havens. Imagine looking back at all your memories, from your first day in kindergarten, to your graduation ceremony as a senior in high school, while flying over the Caribbean Sea leaving home and heading somewhere new. But then, it soothes you when you think of where you’re headed; where you’re going to spend the next four years, because, as everyone says, college is the best years of your life.

Florida is known as the “sunshine state” for several reasons. The weather, the beaches, the cities, the animals, the amusement parks, and the history that make this state unique. Some people may even call it “heaven”. When it comes to Saint Petersburg, it is second to none. Nothing compares to the atmosphere Downtown every weekend, the rocking music on 2nd and 3rd Street every First Friday, the artistic wisdom that circulates within the Dali Museum, and the sunsets that you see at John’s Pass, which are my personal favorites. Thinking about the place you’re moving to as an actual paradise can put all of the sad and negative thoughts you had to rest, and replace them with desire and eagerness to make new and fun memories.

Making new memories is always more fun when you have someone by your side to share them with, and when it comes to people, Saint Pete has the best of the best. Locals are always willing to help you in any way they can, they are fun to be around, and they are the friendliest, most outgoing, and hard-working people In Florida.

Lastly, picking a school is never easy. You have to consider many things before making a decision. Where is it located? Does it have a good career program? What learning resources do they offer? Taking these into consideration, when people ask me about the school I chose, I can say with no doubt in my heart that I chose the best one in the area. Saint Petersburg College offers endless opportunities to their students to help them succeed and achieve their dreams. The classrooms, the professors, the technology, the staff, the campuses, the library, the learning resources, the clubs, the activities, and the students make it all worth it.



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