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    How much do plastic straws affect the environment?

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Callie Nicholl In recent news, the issue of plastic waste has been the center of attention. Images of shorelines littered with plastic bags and animals eating similar waste products are circulating, capturing the hearts of concerned citizens. Communities of people are petitioning for plastic straws to be banned from restaurants across the globe. But […]

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    What do you think it takes to be a good citizen?

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Madeleine Latimer We often wonder what it takes to be a good citizen. Is being a good citizen going to vote, doing your civil duties, and being patriotic? Yes, but there is a little bit more to it. Being a good citizen should mean that you are respectful to everyone, no matter what your […]

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    Spirits and Their Stories

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Mateo Beltroy For the first time, on October 6, 2019, the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art (LRMA) started displaying Deborah Masters’ “Spirits” exhibit. The exhibit brings the spiritual world to life by displaying Masters’ differing sized sculptures and paintings that represent special people in her life who have passed away. On November 16, 2019, the […]

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    Halloween at Tarpon Springs

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Katherine Breaux and Madison Kellogg !!WARNING!!: Individuals that suffer from Samhainophobia (the fear of Halloween) the following text might be unsuitable. October is the spookiest season of the year, and it all leads up to Halloween at the end of the month. Americans usually go all out for Halloween by decorating their houses in […]

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    A Truly Surreal Experience: Displaying the Bold and Bizarre

    SPC Programs & Events

    By: Victoria Crosdale 10/26/19, St. Petersburg College Thursday, ‘October 24th’ The Leepa Rattner Museum of Art was host to an event titled A Night of Surrealist Games. It was a night championing the art style of surrealism with exhibits and activities. Of the art on display, featured works included Deborah Master’s SPIRITS and ALTARed States, […]

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    The Science of Study Breaks

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Adam Caton Every college student is familiar with feeling fatigued and losing focus while working on homework or studying. Cognitive psychologists refer to the inevitable decrease in concentration while continuously engaging in an activity that requires sustained attention as “vigilance decrement.” The body of research on vigilance decrement shows that taking short breaks can […]

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    Honors Program Information Event

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Gabriel Aldous From 6:00pm-7:00pm on October 14, 2019, on the Tarpon Springs campus of SPC at EP 451 the honors program held an informational session for SPC students who wanted to learn more about the program. The honors program at SPC is a challenging program which can lead to new opportunities for research, internships, […]

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    Exploring Florida’s State Parks

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Harley Mentry Here in Florida it is tough to do outdoor activities during the summer. It gets so hot outside that it can sometimes be unsafe to spend long periods of time outside. The out of nowhere afternoon rain showers are hard to predict. Luckily during the wintertime it is the perfect weather to […]

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    SPC Theater Presents The Laramie Project

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Erika Salemme On October 13th, the St. Petersburg College Theater Department presented The Laramie Project in the Arts Auditorium on the Clearwater campus. Many audience members arrived early to the 2:00 pm performance and were ushered onstage. Seating was limited for this play as the audience had to sit in chairs on the stage […]

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