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    The Biggest Problem In College Sports

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Max Thorpe  More than 460,000 students compete in 24 sports in college every year. These “student-athletes” are controlled by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). This corrupt multi-billion-dollar company treats the college athletes that they represent so poorly and unfair, compared to normal college students. While there have been uproars about college athletes deserving […]

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    LRMA Events!

    SPC Programs & Events

    Related Events ALTARed STATES: From the Collection Deborah Masters: Spirits October 6, 2019 – January 5, 2020 Deborah Masters: Spirits will feature a dramatic display of sculptural heads, which measure three to five feet in height and are suspended from the ceiling. Created over a span of three decades, these striking and stoic Spirits are […]

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    The Rising Popularity of Anime

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Erika Salemme Wind blowing at the most dramatic moment, lethal injuries that do not kill, unrealistic body standards, and waking up in an alternate world surrounded by cute girls can only mean one thing: Anime. Sounds crazy, right? Anime is certainly a unique genre of entertainment but that is what makes it even more […]

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    Footprints in the Sand

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Chianna Di Domenico The sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore split the silence of the early morning. The pastel hues painted across the morning sky begin to fade into the soft shade of baby blue, while just over the horizon, sun rays emerged from the border separating the ocean from the sky. […]

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    Should You Buy the Raspberry Pi 4?

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Gabriel Aldous Technology can be used to perform impressive tasks in the modern era. Tech companies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what digital computers are capable of. In a technological age dominated by large corporations, it seems unlikely that a single person could use technology to create their own ‘smart’ projects. The Raspberry […]

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    A Hospitable Life

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Olivia Pikul When people are told about careers in hospitality, it brings thoughts about the hotel industry, chefs, concierges and tour guides to mind. What many do not recognize is the need for hospitality management in churches, and that is where Michelle Alexandre comes into play. Churches can have bad reputations and memories attached […]

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    35 Years of Ministry With No Regrets

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By William Zipprer Northwood is one of those tiny, blink and you’ll miss them, churches that there seem to be a surprising lot of no matter where you go. A small steel building that looked unmistakably church-like. The slanted rooves, steeple, cross out front, it had all the classic features just in miniature. However, it […]

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    Stock Market Gambling

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Mateo Beltroy Typically, when people want to gamble their money they go to the casino. What the general population does not know is how they unintentionally gamble in the stock market and the simple solution of investing long-term, rather than day trading. The stock market is the common market where companies are able to […]

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    Is Flat Where it’s at?

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Madison Kellogg   The concept of questioning and challenging so called set-in-stone facts, has become increasingly popular with the help of modern media advances like YouTube and Wikipedia. It seems the more information people are granted about certain subjects, the greater the desire becomes to prove these events or facts false.  These people, commonly […]

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