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Poetry: The Works of Diego Olguin

Out of the Sandbox

By Diego Olguin

Poem 5: Raining Colors

The colors are raining

In the sky, in the trees

Something is draining


My blood is no longer red

My hopes are no longer green

How can my blood be red and hopes be green?

If all those once-blooming moments and roses were given to you…


These droplets, they are not blue

These memories, they are not purple

They are transparent and

Carry no more color from the core

How can they?

When it has all rained down and left only hollowness…


I gave my red, green, blue, yellow, orange

And expected nothing in return but,

To be a reflection;

To be that sixth mysterious sense which was a mixture of all colors

To be the sun from which the rain would make the rainbow

For all those colors to be above the seeing

But instead…


Clouds shrouded the sun

And instead of going up

All the colors went down…

These wounds, they are colorless and cause no pain

There is no rainbow…

Only rain…


Poem 1: Between Fire & Ice

Oh, what sterilizing heat

Inside, there is no longer beat

Surrounded by the mist of fire…


What crackling slaughter

Where is there water?

If only I had a bit, as I desire…


The cup is unfilled

All is now chilled

There was once life…


All movement is now gone

When will this moment reach dawn?

All was taken amid the harmonious sound of the fife…


Header photo by Michael Pardo (flickr creative commons license)

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