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Gimme Some Sugar

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By Allis Bodziak

They don’t always like to be called “daddy”. One of them likes to be called her “sponsor”, to avoid the title as a whole. Another likes to call her his girlfriend- but just for the hours they’re together. Another likes to be called “sir”. Another, “Mr.”.

“No two flavors are exactly alike,” she snickers.

Amy, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, is a sugar baby – a woman who exchanges her company for glitzy gifts and/or large paychecks.

One daddy is an international lawyer. Another works on Wall Street. One is retired. The youngest is 29. The oldest is 58.

She calls one dating site her ‘mobile office’. Her profile picture is eye catching: a toned, olive skinned young woman poses in a Victoria’s Secret bikini, holding a massive starfish. Her smile is white and blinding. Her long brown hair is curled into a perfect frame around her face. Her profile describes her to a tee: “College student, majoring in business. I love to relax on the beach! Go scuba diving (I’m certified!). I love to shop. My role model is Lori Greiner and my favorite show is ‘Shark Tank.’ ”

What differentiates this dating website from any other one is right under her sexual orientation blurb; it reads ‘lifestyle budget’. This reflects the amount that she expects per month from her sugar daddies. Whilst hers rests at a ‘moderate’ budget (of 5k per month), she averages about $6,000 per month, seeing about 2 or 3 sugar daddies each month. Another interesting blurb on her profile: her ‘wish list’.

On Amy’s wish list: a variety of makeup supplies from Dior and Marc Jacobs. Clothing from Kate Spade and Versace. Louis Vuitton handbags, Louboutin shoes, a sparkly cellphone case of the same variety for every occasion- “I need a case to match every outfit”. A trip to Bora Bora. Some of her big ticket items came from being a ‘good girl’ for a year to one gentleman- who once rewarded her by crossing a new 2015 bright yellow Jeep Wrangler off of that very wish list. They stopped seeing each other shortly after.

[Screen names changed:]

Daddy: “Hey baby. I would love to take you to the mall. I love girls in Louboutins. Will you leave them on while we play if I buy them for you?”

Amy: “Hey! Absolutely. Are you local or visiting?”

Daddy: “In town from the 22 nd to the 25 th. Mall 23rd. Then maybe you can accompany me to a business dinner if mall goes well- would 600 work for that?”

Amy: “That sounds great. Here’s my number…txt me, bby”

When one of the five slots on her roster opens, she logs back on to her sugar daddy dating site and updates her status to: “looking for a daddy!”. When she is not looking, she simply updates her status to “taken!”, and stays off of the website.

When she is off the website, 3 to 4 nights a week, she dedicates to working. “It’s only a part time gig,” she says.

Sometimes, she is arm candy at events. Once she flew from Tampa to meet a daddy in Austin. The pair attended an art gala opening where she was his trophy-date on full display for coworkers to envy. At the end of the gala, she went back to his place to change- threw in a session of oral- and received her pay of $1,200.00 before flying back to Tampa the same night.

However, a typical night looks like this:

Dinner date around 7. Buy a bottle of wine somewhere after. About 9, drinking a glass of the wine in the daddies’ penthouse suite, overlooking the beach. 9:30, he sheepishly asks if she’s ready. The older ones usually only ask for a blowjob and another glass of wine after. The younger ones usually pay extra for the ‘full ride’. It’s usually back at home by 11, for a full night’s sleep before class.

The hardest part of this job is keeping track of what is happening in each daddies’ life. For this purpose, she has her own little black book for each sugar daddy. She likes the books to be small so that she can carry them with her. Each palm-sized journal is labeled with a name, and contains the important information from each date inside of it. If conversation is running dry, or if there’s a disagreement over a past payment, she can reference these little pocket journals to resolve either of these issues while in the bathroom, or waiting for them at the dinner table. Amy even records important events communicated by text and phone so that she can be sure she is engaged in conversation, and appear to be very interested in what is happening in that daddies’ life.

“They know I don’t care like a wife or girlfriend would, but having someone interested in their life. That’s what they’re paying me for. Some days I feel more like a counselor than a sugar baby.” She admits.

Two of the wives know that she exists, and they approve of their husbands part-time infidelity. The 29 year old stockbroker is single. The lawyer is divorced. The microbiologist’s wife is unaware. She feels a little badly about the last one, but says, “I may feel like a counselor sometimes. The fact is, I’m not one. And I’m most definitely not looking to marry any of these men. They’re my bosses, not my responsibility.”

Her biggest rule, however, is to remember that this is just her job. She likes to save on the months she earns more than average, because she is building to give herself an out.

“I don’t want to be doing this forever, not even until I graduate.” She wants to be out by age 22.

“I think part of the reason this job is so easy for me,” she says, breaking eye contact and looking out onto the faces of passing strangers, “Is because I’ve never been in love. Not really. Someday, I wouldn’t mind finding love, even if it meant using a new website- maybe Plenty Of Fish, or OkCupid.”


Image credit: Seventeen.

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