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    Movie Review: Big Hero 6

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Nicole Caropolo Any time the name Disney is associated with a movie, it’s instantly held to the high expectations of the movie corporation. By this, I mean they are expected to be one of the top grossing and top rated movies of the year. Disney expectations can also be summed up in one word: […]

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    Need a Cheap Vacation? Why Not a Cruise?

    Lifestyle & Opinion

    By Fred Arnold The working public cherish their vacation time, and they very well should. Mother Earth is alive and (for the most part) well with its clear blue waters, crystal skies, and lush green forests. Finding the time and money to venture into Earth’s beauty may pose a problem, but a person can enjoy […]

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    Tarpon Club Rush

    SPC Programs & Events

    On Wednesday, January 21, the Tarpon Springs campus hosted a club rush for students. At 12:30pm in the courtyard, students were able to learn about the different clubs and organizations SPC and the Tarpon campus has to offer. For more information on clubs, take a look at the club photos, which come with contact information […]

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    Arts & Entertainment

    By Tiffany Clarius Dark Sermon, a local metal band, played their last show of 2014 in Tampa at Epic Problem, and I got to sit down with their drummer, Jordan Jensen, for an exclusive interview about the band, their genre, tour life, getting their name out there, and what’s to come in 2015. Dark Sermon […]

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    Colbert Report Signs Off

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Fred Arnold The Colbert Report came to an end December 17, 2014. Wait… What? Yes, The Colbert Report has ended! In a stunning move that had fans reeling, Colbert announced his moving-on late last year. “It’s because there’s nothing left to accomplish,” Stephen Colbert told The Daily Show’s John Stewart. “Stephen Colbert has already […]

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    Banksy, The Artist With a Hidden Identity

    Arts & Entertainment

    By Bridget Ben-Hayon Vandalism: deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property. Many people would and have considered British street artist Banksy nothing less than a vandal whom refuses to show his face. However, Banksy is so much more than that. He is a painter, graffiti artist, filmmaker, and a bit of a social/political […]

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    A Professor Doing What He Loves

    SPC Programs & Events

    By Evan Hildreth It is eleven o’clock and East-West Synthesis, taught by professor Michael Jahosky has begun. Students file into a humanities classroom, decorated sparsely with images of Hindu heroes and Egyptian wonders at the end of the east wing of the TE building. The students are excited to share the insights and discoveries about […]

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    Through the Looking Glass Art

    Arts & Entertainment, SPC Programs & Events

    By Susan G. Ellis It takes 90 – 100 hours of intense detail work looking through a magnifying glass for local artist Yvonne Long to produce miniature art on a photograph-size 4” x 6” medium. Yvonne Long’s portfolio of three miniature art pieces will be featured along with miniature art pieces by other artists at […]

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    The Islamic State: Conquests for the Caliphate

    News & Politics

    By Viviana Angelini After long months of siege, the fighters of the deadly jihadist group called the Islamic State (IS) conquered its first city, Raqqa, located along the Euphrates River in northern Syria. This conquest, on March 2, 2013, is the first territory to become part of the caliphate forged by the Islamic State. Tens […]

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